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The National Organization for Aortic Awareness is a voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating aortic diseases and raising public awareness.

Tax ID: 71-0961452

Chief Executive Officer: Robert F. Epps

Founded: 2004

Tax deductibility code: 501(c)(3)

Nonprofit category: Cardiovascular

In 2004, Robert Epps founded the National Organization for Aortic Awareness (N.O.A.A.), a regional first-of-its-kind non-profit organization based in Chesapeake, VA to raise awareness of diseases of the aorta following his 3rd aortic surgery.  The organization’s mission states:

“Our purpose is to raise awareness of aortic diseases through public education and screenings while providing hope for the affected and funding for genetic research. ”

Although presently a small organization it’s reach has been felt globally. N.O.A.A. is dedicated to public awareness and education through numerous cardiovascular health awareness presentations. NOAA’s commitment to this cause is steadfast and unwavering – knowledge is power.

About the Founder

Robert F. Epps is a retired Coast Guard member, author, speaker and vascular disease survivor. Robert’s battle with cardiovascular disease caused him to also reach out to his fellow veterans. Many are returning from war with Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD), this places them at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease.

Robert has dedicated his life to educating the public about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. He visit’s with vascular and heart patients at the hospital where he spent so much time. Up until a few years ago his self-funded work went un-noticed as he gave of himself.

It was in 2007 that N.O.A.A. started gaining national attention. The Mended Hearts Magazine was the first to share his story. From there Ebony Magazine, Hampton Roads Magazine, his own published book, the Daily Press and an upcoming article on the American Heart Association website and others.

Robert is committed to this cause and looking forward to serving his community.


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